AV Medios is one of the most active AV services provider in Madrid area that owns several pieces of ALTAIR gear. A well trained crew, plus ambitious management, have raised their reputation and they now cover a wide range of events, including live video production and streaming services.

However, a bit of help is sometimes necessary and that´s why they paid us a visit...

Blackmagic Design products have become quite popular, but can sometimes be "tricky" to make compatible with other brands, so we had to help AV MEDIOS with the integration of an ALTAIR intercom system with their Blackmagic ATEM studio production 4K.

After studying the requirements of our clients and the compatibility limitations between both brands, our Enginnering Manager, Miguel Giménez designed a solution with 4 x ALTAIR 4W2-200 interfaces, along with some tailored cabling, to make this setup work.
The outcome? a whole wired & wireless ALTAIR intercom system + 4 cameramen that will communicate smoothly thanks to this "multi-brand" setup. Perfect audio quality.

Our work here is done and another satisfied client hits the road with a fully operating system.

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