Thanks to the continuous promotion work of the ALTAIR brand in Turkey, carried out by the local distributor StartElektronik, ALTAIR intercom systems have been installed in control rooms and simulators of the Turkish Aerospace Industries, being a tool of daily use in the development of the new "Hürjet" aircraft for the Turkish Air Force.

The Hurjët is a supersonic, single-engine, two-occupant tandem jet aircraft. With a wingspan of 11m and 13.4m long, this light aircraft has been designed for pilot training, surveillance, light combat and air support.

Images: Production of the prototype, pilot training in simulator, control room during launch and first flight of the Hürjet.

The development and manufacturing has been entirely carried out by TAI and the Hürjet aircraft has already performed its first flight tests, with ALTAIR as the main control room communications system, in combination with various headsets and other devices used by the ramp crew. ALTAIR has also been an element of daily use in pilot training, in simulation cockpits, always in combination with the usual very high isolation headphones used in the aeronautical industry.

The Hürjet project started in 2017 and the first flight took place in April 2023.
Featuring a modern cockpit, equipped with the latest technologies to maximize the safety of both pilot and aircraft, this model will substitute the Northrop T-38 in the training duties and will supplement the F-16 fleet for close air support. From ALTAIR, we thank and congratulate START ELEKTRONIK for this project and of course we congratulate TAI for the culmination of this exciting challenge and for the first flight of the Hürjet.

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