“EF-204-S2” 8 Channels Wired Intercom System

When in need of more than 4 wired intercom channels, the EF-204-S2 set will act as an 8 channels master station. This set comes with all the necessary accessories to set up the system, including the following:

2 x "EF-204" Master Station
1 x gooseneck microphone
2 x link cable to join both stations
2 x IEC cable

When installed, the user at the station will be able to communicate with 8 intercom channels, using only the gooseneck microphone and the speaker of the main unit (upper station in the picture above) and functioning the secondary unit as an expansion of the number of channels (5 to 8).


Headset microphone signal can be sent to the main speakers in order to address announcements to the public. Also, relay contacts are provided, offering the installer several automating and remote control options ("tally", speakers switching, cue lights activation, etc).

NOTE(1): In case that a “program input” signal needs to be sent to all the eight channels, a signal splitter must be used in order to insert this signal in both stations at a time (“3F-XLR” connector at one end of the lead and 2 x “3M-XLR” connectors at the other end). NOTE(2):The maximum number of remote stations and user beltpacks that the system can power might vary depending on connectors and cable quality and lengths.

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