"ES-200" Dual channel desk station

The ES-200 is a dual channel remote station provided with a built-in speaker and a "gooseneck" microphone. This remote station will act as a dual channel beltpack in those environments where the use of a headset is not suitable.

The unit features 2 complete intercom channels, each one including  an "ON/OFF" switch (push-to-talk or latching action) with indicative led lamp. Apart from the built-in speaker and microphone, the unit features a male 4P XLR connector, so that a regular headset can be pluged when more privacy is required or when the ambient is too loud. Connecting the headset will automaticaly switch off both the gooseneck microphone and the station speaker.

Like all the rest of the elements in the wired intercom network, the ES-200 will be remotely powered from a base station or from a PS-200 power supply.

As for the installing options, the unit can be installed in a rack, embedded in a wall, or used as a desk station, all of this using the included multi-purpose rack-ears.

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