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PS-200 - Power supply unit for intercom wired basic systems

ALTAIR "PS-200" power supply allows the user to set up simple intercom systems without needing a base a station. Also, it can power a Cue-Lights system when we want tou use it in standalone mode (whithout an intercom system).

This unit can power a maximum of 60 cable intercom devices but, unlike the EF-200 or EF-204 base stations, it´s not a communication point by itself as it´s not equipped with a headset connector.


Case will be 1U high x ¼ rack wide -110 mm- and about 150 mm deep. Rear panel includes an IEC connector w/fuse holder and a rocker mains switch. Front panel includes one XLR 3 male for CHA, one XLR 3 male for CHB, one XLR 5 male for A/B channels, one A/B link switch with led indicator and a BUZZer Kill switch with led indicator to allow the use in quiet shows as in theatres.


PS-200 power supply can be installed in a 1 x RU space using the optional ear panels kit "OR-1-200". Both rack ears include pre-drilled holes that can be used to install 2 intercom beltpacks or interfaces.

OR 1 200 1280x500


pdf Intercom power supply unit for basic wired intercom systems brochure. (92,5 Kb).

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