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"5P3-202" - 5 pin to 3 pin splitter/combiner

Accessory to convert 2 separate 3 pin cables (one intercom channel in each one) into one single 5 pin cable with 2 separate intercom channels in it. The unit can also operate the other way around.

This unit can be used to simpflify the installation when a dual channel beltpack must be placed far away from the base station. By using this device we will save cable and we will also have the possibility of daisy-chaining several dual channel beltpacks (EM-202-5P model).

The unit features extension “link” connectors and Power Led indicator per channel.


pdf 5 PIN to 3 PIN Splitter/Combiner E-200 series intercom system 5P3-202 brochure (606 Kb).

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