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Febr 5, 2016

The integration company ADDI TELECOM, under the direction of José Luis Lajara and along with other major brands in the professional A/V market, has recently carried out the installation and commissioning of the material for the new MEDIA LAB in the Faculty of Communication at Camilo Jose Cela University (UCJC).

With this investment the university has made an ambitious bet that will mean the availability of a space in which the students will be immersed in a real working environment.
This new laboratory of communication, provided with the same technology of a real professional studio, has been configured as a multi-room space for media generation in which the students will be faced with the situations and problems that the real A/V pros have to overcome daily.

MediaLab offers the best facilities for production of audiovisual content, with a radio studio and a TV set, with the following areas:

- TV production studio

- Radio Studio

- ENG cameras capable of recording 4K

- Space for editing and digital postproduction.    //


           Personal ALTAIR 30 ainv 3 edit

May 9, 2016

Last 27th of April, along with the celebration of AFIAL trade show in Madrid, ALTAIR offered its 30th anniversay party for all the employees, family, friends and customers, at GALILEO GALILEI concert hall.

The board of the company found it very appropriate to celebrate such an important event, moreover taking into account how difficult is to remain a referent in the technified, competitive and constantly changing world of professional audio.

Without any doubt, 30 years are worth celebrating...

In order to offer a program which was fun and diverse at the same time the company hired Manu Vera, a brilliant and very original magician, and "The Deep Dog Brothers", who played an awesome selection of rock, soul and blues songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

foto grupo

However, one of the most special moments of the night was the speech offered by ALTAIR founders, and the projection of a video with 30 years of curious pictures of the factory and the employees.

Thank you all for such a special night in which we really enjoyed the company of good friends in a charming venue!

November 2015

Overlooking the opening of its new showroom on last November 5th, ADAM HALL chose TUIX & ROSS ( ) to design a facility that would allow routing audio signals to a multitude of speakers of different types, in order to provide a quick and easy comparison of all models to its visitors.

The control system is based on two MAP-1216 units, installed along with a Yamaha TF-1 in order to control a total of 48 outputs that provide the audio signal for the various models of line-array, monitors, speakers "point-source", etc.


The initial design of the showroom required a comfortable system for the comparison of the speakers, which became possible by using a tablet that allows remote selection of the speakers.

This operation is possible thanks to the Android version of ALTAIR´s "3cMAP" control software, developed to control the MAP processors.

These processors, which are presented in two versions (12 ins/16 outs or 12 ins/8 outs) in a one rack unit format, were designed for the integrated management of audio installations. They implement interesting functions such as the feedback supressor, the “Automix” function or the integrated GPIO interface, not to mention the full-featured inputs and outputs digital processing sections.


As Juan Manuel Tuissans (AsTuix & Ross Director) said, "ALTAIR MAP processors were chosen after studying other options, because of their technical performance and because we needed something that would fit in the budget"


Foto showroom adam hall

montaje 2 recortado 

Recently, as a result of the demands of Mr. Claudio Aroca (ISOM Assistan Manager), we visited the installations of the Telecommunications Engineering Faculty (ETSIT-Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) to deliver a modified MF-16DC power amplifier for its use at their laboratories.

In his department, and at the installations of the ISOM (Institute of Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology), Mr. Claudio Aroca and an important number of scientists work in a wide variety of projects for several companies and organizations from all around the world.

After many years of relationship and several power amplifiers delivered to the UPM, we could enjoy a guided visit to their museum, in which we discovered an impressive amount of communications and engineering gear of the 20th century.

We also had access to the installations of the ISOM and knew more about some of the latest projects developed by its personnel and about the machinery used in the facility.

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